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First list: A present + this cookies

-Birkin: A Birkin bag :P

-Blaine: He gets a set of clothes, (yes, the Mouse Hat is necessary), the Wicked book(s) and (after this conversation) a home made Mulan doll with a post it that says 'She's awesome but still not a real princess. XOXO'.  Kurt will also invite him to a fancy dinner.

-Candy : A perfume and this hood for the lulz

-Cindy: An Ipod :3

-Dave Karofsky: A restraining order Uh...he will send him an email with this link.

-Dexter. A pair of expensive boots, because he seems to walk around a lot. an his phone number, so he can call him when he needs a baby sitter. There's also a squishable alligator for Harrison. A shark for Cody and a fashion handbag for Astor.

-Edward Elric: Red sunglasses.

-Giriko: This whore shoes  >8| And no cookies for you. (send anonymously, Kurt's not that suicidal >.>)

-Finn: A bunch of cool video games. Kurt has no idea, so he will ask Artie and Sam about it.

-Fuu:A green knit hat and a matching umbrella.

-Ichigo: A comfy coat.

-Issei: A caperon bag.

-Jack Harkness: A new military coat and wristband.

-Joshua Lyman: A scarf and a pair of gloves.

-Justin Hammer: The Color of Money movie DVD and a Mont Blanc's Sunglasses.

-Kamina:  A wristband with a flame design.

-Ken: Stuff related to soccer. Kurt has no idea about this either (Ewww sports), but he will ask his dad..

-Klavier: The Legally Blonde movie DVD

-Kuro: The Beetles discography and an ipod.

-Kuwabara:  A Mr. strong mug, and a pair of sneakers.

-Larsa:A pocketwatch

-Leliana: A turquoise belt.

-Miles Edgeworth: (this is send anonymously) the Tact and Intelligence book.

-Omi: CLOTHES: Lots and lots of them. because..Omi, really, your wardrobe makes Kurt cringe in horror.

-Prim: A Monogram Shawl Soft scarf.

-Santana: A mug with this write on it. And a snugie because we all know that Santana likes to be warm.

-Scotty: A warm hat, a pen and a selection of teas.

-Spike: He gets a new leather jacket and a lizard repellent.

-Suze: A silver wristband.

-Robert Fischer: A set of Alfred Hitchcock movies: Vertigo, Strangers on a Train, The man who knew....

-Tamaki and Haruhi: Matching coffee mugs.

-Willow:  A handbag.

-Winry: A dress.

Second list: Cookies

Azula, Donatello, Eames, James, Joshua, Lockon,  Mag, Maraich, Henry, Peter (you scare him now because you are psychotic but he's still giving you cookies :/), Phoenix, Sirius, Suzumura Rei, Tails ...and the rest of the people Kurt talked with (but doesn't know that well) get low-calorie cookies. Some or then are customizes, like cookies with the fire Nation emblem for Azula,  with wizard/magic designs for James, etc.
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